Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today was our second unsupervised day - again we all survived!  Tonight I had a special treat.  After over two weeks without going to a dog park I finally got to go smell some new dog butts.  I actually got to go to two parks.  We hunted one down in the "B" section but no other dogs were there so I just sniffed around.  Dennis was along also, here is what he did.

The park is located behind a baseball field - it was really sort of nice - but just not a popular venue.  The ole gal just wasn't into smelling butts so we drove over to Roberts Lake Road and I met some new friends.  The ole didn't take any pictures of my new friends Opus and Amy - they were both puppies so I totally ruled the park - boy did I get tuckered out.

Here is another shot of Dennis at the hydrant at the first park- he apparently doesn't know what hydrant's are really for - he just stood there - how could you not mark that thing - it was so red and beautiful.

Tomorrow Dennis is going to install a magnetic screen door so me and my housemates can get out of the back door and no flies can get in.  Meg told the old gal about the screen door so we had to have one too - I can't wait to try it out!!!

Here is another cute picture of me

Until next time

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