Monday, June 24, 2013

Jogging Day One.  Might be Jogging Last Day.  Oh man did the ole gal give it her best but I will be shocked if she tries it again tomorrow.  We went up to the tennis courts, she did stop and walk a few times.   I could not find a free ball - so we ran around one of the courts.  Not to hard for me because I'm super dog - but the ole gal was huffing and puffing.  Here is a shot when we were almost home - I kind of felt sorry for her - she doesn't look so good.

Then I spent the day with Dennis - he came and went.  Then in the evening my new friend Rod took me for a walk with my 2 new housemates and Dennis.

All in all a good day - tomorrow will be my first day with Dennis and the ole gal at work all day - hopefully that little shit Friday doesn't get on my nerves too much - Lola is pretty cool.

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