Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'm happy to report that my play date with Pixie went well.  Everyone met on our front porch.  Then we all walked, me, Pixie and Don and the ole gal, over the what used to be the Agilent campus - there is a lacrosse field that Pixie said is fun to run around on.  Don's mother-in-law, Jane, met us on the way.  She is a nice lady - spent a week earlier this month in Henryville, KY working with Habitat for Humanity building a home.   Anyway, we got to the field and then Pixie and I ran free - it was so much fun.  After we were tuckered out, we took a long walk around the campus and then back home.  Here is a shot of Don, Jane, Pixie and myself.  That is the field there in the background.  I just noticed the beautiful colors in this photo - the blue looks like a painting - boy does the iPhone take super pictures.

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  1. Look at that tongue! God, Buddha has such a long tongue