Sunday, June 30, 2013

So Dennis installed the new magnetic screen door.  It is not the perfect answer we were hoping for.  Here are Friday, Lola and myself supervising the work.  Maybe that's what went wrong.  Dennis will be bringing home a different one to try tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure we will not be asked to assist again.

So we all had baths - this is me drying out after.  I sort of look the same as before the bath - weird - my hair feels so much cleaner now.

I know I smell - I'm a dog - what can I do.  Here is me dreading the oncoming bath.  I hope the ole gal can handle me.  I tend to be a handful when wet.

I'll update you after said bath.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'm happy to report that my play date with Pixie went well.  Everyone met on our front porch.  Then we all walked, me, Pixie and Don and the ole gal, over the what used to be the Agilent campus - there is a lacrosse field that Pixie said is fun to run around on.  Don's mother-in-law, Jane, met us on the way.  She is a nice lady - spent a week earlier this month in Henryville, KY working with Habitat for Humanity building a home.   Anyway, we got to the field and then Pixie and I ran free - it was so much fun.  After we were tuckered out, we took a long walk around the campus and then back home.  Here is a shot of Don, Jane, Pixie and myself.  That is the field there in the background.  I just noticed the beautiful colors in this photo - the blue looks like a painting - boy does the iPhone take super pictures.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh man is it hot here today.  We had dinner out on the patio - but I'm still waiting to take a walk - the ole gal says it is too hot still - I think we will be taking a midnight stroll at this rate.  I have a play date tomorrow with my new friend Pixie - I'm looking forward to that.  Here is a picture of me and my new crew after our meal.  Oh yeah, we all got our hair brushed - don't we look good!!

Tomorrow Dennis is suppose to put up the new screen so us dogs can come and go out the back - I can't wait - it is going to be awesome.  I will let you know how the romp with Pixie goes - we are going early to try to beat the heat.  Just like other bloggers, I love comments.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hi - I'd like to introduce my new friend Pixie:

We just met tonight and we had so much fun on the front lawn.  We already have another date for Saturday morning.  

Here is a picture of Pixie and me playing with my cute new neighbor's housemate.

I sure do miss Meg and Kev - but I am enjoying getting to know my new home.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today was our second unsupervised day - again we all survived!  Tonight I had a special treat.  After over two weeks without going to a dog park I finally got to go smell some new dog butts.  I actually got to go to two parks.  We hunted one down in the "B" section but no other dogs were there so I just sniffed around.  Dennis was along also, here is what he did.

The park is located behind a baseball field - it was really sort of nice - but just not a popular venue.  The ole gal just wasn't into smelling butts so we drove over to Roberts Lake Road and I met some new friends.  The ole didn't take any pictures of my new friends Opus and Amy - they were both puppies so I totally ruled the park - boy did I get tuckered out.

Here is another shot of Dennis at the hydrant at the first park- he apparently doesn't know what hydrant's are really for - he just stood there - how could you not mark that thing - it was so red and beautiful.

Tomorrow Dennis is going to install a magnetic screen door so me and my housemates can get out of the back door and no flies can get in.  Meg told the old gal about the screen door so we had to have one too - I can't wait to try it out!!!

Here is another cute picture of me

Until next time

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today was our first day alone without adult supervision.  I am happy to report that everyone survived and the floor is dry!!!  Not sure what the old gal was worried about - but here we are - happy as clams.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jogging Day One.  Might be Jogging Last Day.  Oh man did the ole gal give it her best but I will be shocked if she tries it again tomorrow.  We went up to the tennis courts, she did stop and walk a few times.   I could not find a free ball - so we ran around one of the courts.  Not to hard for me because I'm super dog - but the ole gal was huffing and puffing.  Here is a shot when we were almost home - I kind of felt sorry for her - she doesn't look so good.

Then I spent the day with Dennis - he came and went.  Then in the evening my new friend Rod took me for a walk with my 2 new housemates and Dennis.

All in all a good day - tomorrow will be my first day with Dennis and the ole gal at work all day - hopefully that little shit Friday doesn't get on my nerves too much - Lola is pretty cool.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day one with my Grandma and Grandpa.  We all survived!  Grandma took me for a walk - she says I'm her exercise program.  So out we go for a walk - she had a big plan - long long walk.  We started off good - she actually tried to jog a little - I tried not to laugh.  Then the ole gal sees the tennis courts and thought it would be a great idea for me to chase around a little ball.  I'll bet next time she make sure all four of the gates are closed and not just the one we walked through.  I gave the ole gal a reason to go for a jog - chasing me around the field until I decided to let her grab my collar, she closed all the gates, I chased that ball and then we finished our walk.  Here is a selfy on the last stretch of the walk.

Hi Kev Hi Meg - miss you!
Kevin and Megan left Rohnert Park June 21, 2013 to Humboldt County, then Seattle and finally on July 1 to go to Japan.  This starts our care for Buddha.  Here is a beautiful picture of the family just before Kevin and Megan headed out.