Saturday, March 16, 2013

Buddha's first few months

Meeting dog number A1425014

Looking to get our first dog, we visited the Palomar Airport Road Animal Shelter in North San Diego County. After perusing the rows and rows of available dogs we selected two we wanted to meet. Pet A1425014 and a white boxer pup.  We first met with A1425014 and although she was very independent and really just happy to be out in the play yard, we settled on bringing her home. 

(Photo of her at the Shelter playing with us)

Like any good animal shelter, we were not allowed to bring her home until after she had been spayed. If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of spaying or neutering your pet, check out the ASPCA's reasons to spay and neuter. Although a really great thing to do, the shelter ended up losing her in the process...It took them about four hours to "find" her at the veterinarian and contact her new dad. Once found, we were allowed to pick her up and bring her home. Here are a few pics of her and dad on her first night home. 

 After only a few days she was playing and loving her new digs. She wore an ACDC shirt to protect her spay scar and keep her from nibbling at the stitches. (fun fact: vets will now let you just use pet-sized shirts to protect sutures instead of the cone of shame!)